11 October, 2021

I don't know of any local organization that has more volunteer support and participation than BMA! Every clinic is made possible by donations from supporters but beyond the monetary support there are volunteers who help in countless ways. They get up in the dark to set up. Someone sweeps and cleans the clinic grounds, Someone bakes homemade goodies for mid morning. Someone takes the garbage, washes the laundry, prepares a lunch, buys supplies, cleans the bathroom, fixes the electricity, coordinates the appointments, arranges rides for animals, and clients, scrubs cages, sterilizes instruments, and then there are those who clean ears, remove ticks, cut toenails and trim hair. All of this compassionate care comes from our community. Let that sink in, folks...people give their time, resources and energy to come together each month for the dirty work of sterilization. They do it from their own impulse to help make things better where we live. This is the best part of BMA - the togetherness, the shared willingness to do something for the love of animals and the love of our home.

We sterilized 25 animals: 9 cats and 16 dogs on Saturday - one of the hottest clinics ever. Thank you Team BMA - you are all mighty special people!

22 September, 2021

Heroes for animals and for BMA - Clinic Sept 18, 2021

Lately it feels like the earth is wobbling on its axis...

September's clinic was fraught with challenges. It was postponed by a week and August was canceled too because of COVID so because of that we had a full roster. Everyone held up and performed well with a positive attitude but the day was long and it rained hard. It was 8:30 at night when all was finished. Ana and Shunashi began at 5:30 to set up so their day was exceedingly long.  Bill carried dogs all day. Sandra managed smoothly,powered by her genuine love for animals. Medico never took a break but worked calm and steady setting the pace for everyone. Minerva, beautiful, loving as ever. Super volunteers, Jenny, Hiromi and Minerva carried us through the recovery of 24 animals. It felt like more.

We hold one another up, whether we realize it or not. Each worker holds in a way that is vital and unites us together. Each person is an essential part of the whole effort.

I don't know how the others experienced the day, but that's how I saw it. I know everyone was exhausted. I hope they felt proud and not abused. They are the heroes of Aticama. 

13 July, 2021

Hazy, Hot BMA Clinic - July 10, 2021


We see animals arrive at the clinic via many modes of transportation. Saturday's clinic had a caravan of cats in birdcages.  All said and done, 7 cats and 12 dogs. It was a long, hot day for 19 total but maybe that's best. Animals don't like the heat any more than we do. 

We have a new clinic director at the helm of BMA - Sandra Diaz has been volunteering for more than a year and when she's at home in San Blas she does the same. She has been caring for street dogs and organizing sterilization clinics on her own initiative just because...how can you beat that! She's got a powerful good heart and we feel proud and strengthened to have her on our team. If you haven't met her stop in at the next clinic and say hello.