17 September, 2019

BMA Clinic - September 14, 2019

One thing you can count on - you can't predict a clinic. Just like no two dogs are alike, no two clinics are. It's the surprises that often make the clinics so special.

Like having Anne back.  What a boon for us! She will be returning to Canada soon. We will sorely miss her until she and Gilles can return.

It's no small feat to check in an animal. It can be chaotic among dogs and cats that are strangers to one another. It's a little stressful for the animals and their owners. There is a form to fill out. We check gums for anemia and weigh each animal  - and their owner. The owner has to hold their pet like a baby while standing on a scale. It can get a little wonky especially with heavy animals and light owners. It's not the best way but it's what we have to work with.

Imagine that and multiply by 8! 

Our newest volunteer, Sandra, came with 8 dogs and cats from San Blas. I believe that surpasses Katherine's record!  Most of the dogs were big - extra BIG - a total of 134 kilos of dogs and cats combined! She is awesome with animals and wowed us with her stamina and excellent care.  

In total we had 4 female cats, 5 male dogs and 11 females.

Jorge surprised us with a very special lunch - handmade spinach ravioli and lasagna, salad vinaigrette and chocolate cake decorated in the colors of Mexico's Independence Day - Viva Mexico! It was lovely to have him join us as we relaxed over lunch in the lush and gorgeous tropical courtyard. Not only did Jorge make lunch but he made the garden that we operate from! Thank you for all, Jorge - man, are we lucky!

A lot of friends came by: Minerva's young niece came with Gabrielle and stayed for much of the day watching surgeries, cleaning cat ears and picking ticks off the dogs. Sandra's sister-in-law helped in dog recovery. Len and Margit came to have their kitten checked. Barb dropped by too. 

So much tender care comes together for our clinics. When people work together well for something worthy everybody feels good. Each member of our team is dedicated and contributes something special. We accomplish a lot. We surprise ourselves! 

Thanks to Nena and Kenny for staging our clinic so professionally from beginning to end.

Thank you Anne for helping to manage a little bit of everything - like always!

Thank you Minerva for cat care - please bring your niece back to see us!

Thanks to Jenny, Sandra and Amaranth for dog recovery. 

Thank you Wally for kennel and muzzle repairs, garbage disposal, etc...

And hats off to Dr Beltran and Ana - well done, once again - what a team!

The best part - Take me home!

11 August, 2019

BMA Clinic Report - August 10, 2019

Our clinic is across the street from the Pacific Ocean. Ocean breezes are always welcome especially in the summer. We are fortunate to have one of the lovliest locations to work: an air-conditioned surgery and tropical courtyard. Still, we directed all three of our electric fans on dogs as we moved them from intake to recovery. Yesterday, we were short on help but everyone compensated by keeping a good focus on each task. The BMA team can go with the flow, like the waves and the wind of the Pacific.

Nena and Kenny had the courtyard looking ready for a photo shoot by 7. Our first client was sitting patiently: an abuelita with two cats in a bag. Now that's a picture! She watched as the courtyard was transformed. By 8, we had 17 animals checked in -  a clear indication of how the community values this service. We are always booked 2 months in advance. See how we are growing!

Twenty three animals and 2 consultations later - it was all good. Busy - too busy to remember to take photos. If anyone has some, please share and post.

We started with 9 cats - 2 males and 7 females (one pregnant) and 14 dogs - 2 males and 12 females (4 were in heat - there were several males hanging out at the gate) .

A young man, one of my summer school students, came by with an injured cat, attacked by a dog. The poor kitty had a broken back and was euthanized. He knew where to come for help.  He and his family cried and took the cat to bury. We all felt sad for them but it's good to know that she was precious to a caring family. This is why education is important - it enlarges the heart and the head and brings compassion into reality.

Nena has become a very competent leader. She conserves on supplies, makes sure our clients pay and looks ahead to the next task, even to the next clinic. Bravo, Nena!

A new volunteer and a new friend to BMA - Sandra Diez, proved to care for the recovery of dogs like a pro and nearly single-handed. Jenny, awesome as ever, came to help early in the day and left early. That turned out perfectly.

Minerva was invaluable too. No one but Anne cares for cats like she does.

I think Ana and Dr B were caffeinated yesterday. They started early and ended early - we were on our way home by 4. Thanks for the intense energy and focus you give to each animal.

The nicest surprise was Ryan and Shannon bringing us a hot lunch of chicken mole, salad with apple tarragon dressing, cold soda and cookies...they heard we were ordering from Lucy's and decided to treat us instead.  We're very grateful for their spontaneous and generous impulse.

Thank you Ryan and Shannon!
Thank you ,Nena and Kenny!
Thanks you, Minerva!
Thank you, Jenny and Sandra and Amaranth!
Thank you, Dr B and Ana!
You're a gorgeous picture of BMA!

04 August, 2019

Yo Soy de Bahia Matanchen - Summer School

Summer school was sponsored by BMA and Centro Cultural for another year with an ecology theme. 

This week's theme was Yo Soy de Bahia Matanchen. Each day we explored the history, people, waterways plants and animals of our area, exploring what it means to know where you live and who you are. The week culminated with the message that we can all mean something to this place.

We can be everyday-heroes that help Bahia Matanchen grow beautifully and wisely. Each child created an emblem with a symbol that represented what was important to them. Everyone agrees that heroes help people and the planet. The kids each received a colorful satin cape with the emblem of their design. Petra sewed 121 capes - truly a super-woman feat! The kids were more than happy to be recognized as heroes.

 Marta was a marvel of enthusiasm and energy as a teacher. Her niece, Anni and our Lizzy were also part of the teaching team. Barb came to the rescue to glue the emblems on each cape. Thank you to the heroes and heroines who helped: Leon, Jorge, the librarians, the moms and dads, the yoginis of the Centro Cultural and to our supporters who helped finance the program.