09 May, 2021

May Clinic - May 8, 2021

Feels like summer and it is May! The brightness of the day was our constant at BMA's May clinic! Our total for the day was 21 - 6 cats and 15 dogs. 

We have sent our clients home in various modes of transportation: wheel barrows, boxes, wagons, pillowcases, motorbikes but yesterday a full size pick up drove up to our gate with no one at the wheel. The door opened and a 9 yr old boy slid out of the driver's seat to our astonishment - his mother was the passenger.  Anyway, they claimed their dog and off they went...and so another awesome, never a boring moment-day for BMA.

25 April, 2021

April showers... BMA Clinic April 2021

A pelican walked casually by the clinic gates. That's not the usual traffic. Later, Wally saved the pedestrian pelican from boys who were trying to herd her/him? with rocks toward a boy with a lasso...ay Dios mio! He brought him to the clinic and put him in the brand new plastic dog kennel that Lorraine donated. Hiromi contacted Mark Stackhouse our local bird expert and he recommended Susane Casas, a pelican rehabilitator and vet in Tepic. Sandra talked to her and arranged a meeting. We took Peli home and fed him 5 whole fish over the weekend. The chickens were nonplussed by the guest. On Monday, Miguel Dibildox and Susane performed the surgery to repair the wing and Peli went home with Susane to recover. Prognosis: excellent! A beautiful orchestration of many helpful animal lovers along the way...thank you everyone!

So, the April clinic rained cats and dogs and a pelican!
9 cats (3 males)
17 dogs (3 males)
1 pelicano ?

16 March, 2021

BMA Clinic March 2021

 Enjoy these scenes from the March clinic...

BMA treated 6 cats, 16 dogs and terminated 2 pregnancies (12).

Poor Medico was recovering from a sprained ankle. Despite bruising and swelling he stood all day to operate with his lovely wife, Michela assisting.

New friends of BMA, Maite and David, provided a special lunch of paella. They are professional chefs and animal lovers. Maite is from Spain and that's where we were transported while enjoying their delicious meal. Thank you for reviving our tired, hungry bodies with your culinary art.
Earlier in the week Ana performed a feat by delivering puppies from their poor dead mother. She has to feed them round the clock so she brought them to the clinic. We all took turns bottle feeding these hungry newborns.

Our volunteer Leslie is moving. This was her final clinic with BMA and we will miss her sorely... Best to you and Pumpkin in your new life.

Thank you, Suzanne and Phil for coming by and gifting BMA with a donation. We are 100% dependent on this community to do what we do. Please consider supporting this much needed service.