22 January, 2023



Happy New Year and just around the corner... Happy Valentine's Day!

Let's get together for fun and fundraising to celebrate!

What: Bahia Mantanchen Animal Bling Fling!
Where: Casa Manana
When: Noon, Thursday, Feb 9, 2023
Ticket: 500 pesos
Lunch served to you a la carte and is extra

Start the new year by sorting through your closet, pulling those things you don't wear anymore:
jewelry, clothes, shoes, handbags - you know, girl-bling! 
Bundle it up and deliver it to Amaranth at the Sunday Market in Aticama 
or Sandra at the San Blas Social Club, 
and voila! 
We'll create a boutique of bling things. 
Each attendee can choose one thing to keep and can shop for more. 
All the proceeds will benefit the dogs and cats of Bahia Matanchen and San Blas - 100% for sterilization. 
Your donations and purchases support a heroic and compassionate cause so you can be beautiful inside and out! 


29 August, 2022

Some people get wet in the rain and others keep moving. We kept moving, moving the kennels under the staircase and recovering dogs and cats under the portico. Did it dampen our spirits? In the sun or in the rain, it's all the same for us...

We treated 23.

A big thanks to Christina for lunch and for our volunteers: Minerva, Margit, Berna, Emily, Jenny, Bill, Anne, Barb, Amaranth and our director, Sandra. OMG, do we have fun!

25 June, 2022

BMA June Clinic: understaffed, overcast - perfection!

No two clinics are the same. Each one is unpredictable no matter how organized we are. Honestly! Is it just here or is it true everywhere? Everyday the unexpected rearranges even our best laid plans!

12 hours before the clinic, 4 volunteers messaged to say they couldn't come. Our clinic director also had a sudden emergency... I asked Jenny to confirm our appointments by phone and went to bed. Ten hours later as the sun was coming up, I arrived to find the lights on, the cages lined along the swept courtyard, the surgery sparkling clean and a pleasant man putting up shade cloth like an expert. It was barely daylight and looked like rain but the readiness and the activity felt like sunshine! 

There are so many people to thank for stepping up without being asked. There is an amazing gathering of goodness that supports every clinic. Today was a perfect synchronization of willingness from many fronts - it made for a very sweet day.

We treated lots of street dogs. Berna, who put up the shade cloth drove to El Llano to pick up two homeless dogs from the Pemex, two were brought in by Erika from San Blas and two from Trilby and Donna. A new volunteer, Diana, age 14, was a quick study in dog in recovery. Jenny is an excellent teacher. Thanks to everyone who pitched in today! A lot of good was accomplished because of you.
You are the BEST!