19 March, 2020

BMA Clinic Report - March 14, 2020

BMA Clinic Report - March 14, 2020 

The day of the clinic was gorgeous! The courtyard was glistening clean with a fresh cut and shave - literally. The magnificent ficus in the center is also a high rise condo to the frigates. Many of it's branches had been removed to open the canopy and hopefully reduce the number of frigates. It's a show-stopper and  looks amazing, but now the poop can splat far and wide with mucho menos branches to slow the free-fall of avian excreta. Well, there is a Plan B and hey, it's still the loveliest recovery room in Nayarit... hats and gloves are required.

The courtyard and museum are undergoing improvements and a cut and shave is only part of it. It's going to be glorious. These changes are in response to the passing of Dr. Rose Lee Patron, Director of BMA and also a founder of the museum. The museum is making space for Dr Patron's personal archeological collection. As BMA's surgery and recovery area is also on this site BMA will be dedicating a garden in her memory.  We are raising money in a campaign now for this effort. Please consider being a part of advancing two noble causes in our community in honor of a friend who lived as its ambassador: The Aticama Museum of Archaeology and History and BMA, two facets in the gem of Bahia Matanchen. The museum and the legacy of Rose Lee give voice to the rich past that is rooted here. What is that worth? Use this link to give generously:  gf.me/u/xnzt8p

Back to the clinic: We treated 10 dogs (8 females, 2 males) including a chemo treatment for papiloma and also 5 cats (4 female and 1 male).

Kate brought us a feast for the last time until next November. If there's anyone out there who would like to volunteer for providing lunch, please raise your paw.

Thank you, Leon and Jorge for the improvement in our garden/courtyard/recovery area.

Thank you Minerva and Katherine for animal recovery.

Thank you Dr B and Ana for excellent surgical care.

Thank you Nena, Kenny, Barb and Amaranth for the rest...

And speaking of rest - the April clinic is postponed due to COVID 19. Please take precautions and be responsible by staying at home and boosting your immune system. We wish you all good health.

19 February, 2020

Elegy to a Queen: Rosa Patron, BMA Director and friend...

Our BMA bee hive has lost her queen...Rosa leaves a great void in our community.

If I were to say only one nice thing about Rosa it is that she never met anyone she didn't like...she was open and generous with all kinds of people, always believing the best and never the worst of others. She savored friends like some savor food. In fact I never met anyone who became so energized by the company of people.

Thank you, Rosa querida for your profound hospitality even in the last year confined mostly to bed. You still wore flowers and pink and served up goodies as you led with a gavel and closed with an inspirational directive. You are the best queen we ever had and we will always remember how you loved each of us as you encouraged our best.

09 February, 2020

BMA Clinic - February 8, 2020

Once a month we come together to make a clinic. We come from our varied lives of personal busy-ness and for one Saturday each month we shift our focus for the work of BMA. We are friends. We have talked and teased our way through literally hundreds of cats and dogs. At the end of the day, we hug and go home tired, hungry, hopefully satisfied. Often we don't see one another until the next clinic.

This morning Anne began her return to Canada via Mexico City. Having her at clinic yesterday felt so right. She naturally brings a feeling of right order to the running of things. She is an experienced captain at the helm of BMA. Today we are back in our everyday lives but for a moment, I savor what it is to be a part of a team of beautiful friends. These photos should give a taste of yesterday's clinic.