11 August, 2020

Rain-n-cats-n-dogs... BMA August Clinic Report

On Saturday, August 8th, BMA had the second modified clinic since COVID.

We treated 8 female cats and 5 males, 12 female dogs and 2 males - a total of 28 animals. 

Anna, Kenny and Shunashi opened the clinic to a floodgate of cats - 13 in all, 6 of them from Santiago.  

A client from there wrote:

"... you have no idea how grateful we are for the blessing you were to us. We love animals but sometimes financial resources don't work in our favor.
We have 23 cats and 2 dogs, all rescued! And it has been a great effort to be able to sterilize them all! But thanks to people like you and with God's help it has been possible. It is difficult for us to feed them.
Again, thank you very much for your work, for your time, for your example of dedication. May God bless you one hundred fold for what you do. Thank you!"

By 11 we finished with the felines and the dogs began to come in as part of our new protocol with three different check-in schedules. This reduces the time our animals are waiting. 4 strong beautiful women came from San Blas with street dogs. Sandra wrangled one of them at 3 in the morning!  And all of them stayed to help in recovery. Thank you Sandra, Evelyn, Guadalupe and Paloma for the love and stamina you have for animals! Jenny, Leslie and Hiromi were also there to check respiration, de-tick and clean ears...the normal-special attention that our animals receive as they recover.

Ana prepped every animal for surgery and
 was the first person to arrive and the last to leave. 

The afternoon brought intense heat and rain and mosquitoes! Leon lent us tents from the tianguis to shelter us. We finished at 5:30 - wet, hungry, tired and well-satisfied. What a valiant crew! Someone should make a movie...

22 July, 2020

With a little help...

BMA would like to thank all the donors for this campaign for Ana.
As we have reached our goal and Ana will have her prosthesis by the end of August, any donation made from today (Aug. 6, 2020) will be donated to BMA for the sterilization campaigns.

Thank you again.

WE DID IT!!! Today we reached our goal to raise money for a prosthesis for Ana! 

Ana has an appointment on the 13th of August to be measured for a leg with working knee and foot designed for her. What an amazing contribution this is to the quality of her life and future. Thank you for making it a reality!

Ana is ready for a prosthesis and the cost is 150,800 MX pesos or $6,765 US. Let's help her get to the goal and end well. Please consider what it means to lose a leg and how you can help someone continue as a valuable member of our surgical team and community. Thanks for your generousity!

or Paypal

Update : GoFundMe page is back to work :
BMA team is also ready to serve as an intermediary, either for a bank transfer or directly in cash. Just ask Anne, Amaranth or Barbara

In March 2020, Bahia Matanchen Animal's surgical nurse, Ana Gutierrez was hit by a drunk driver. She sustained many injuries but the worst was her leg had to be amputated above the knee.

Because of COVID, she wasn't allowed visitors in the hospital and had to endure alone. She is a trained nurse and physical therapist so she knew the whole picture of what was needed to recuperate. Now she is home and on crutches, training to strengthen her right leg to carry and lead her movement. She changes her dressings herself. In June 2020 she will be ready for a prosthesis. This is an incredible story of recovery!

Ana needs our financial help.  Ana is a hard-working woman, persevering with a positive attitude and a renewed sense of what is important to her life.  BMA is one of her passions. Please help someone who is good, brave, and a fighter for animals. She deserves our support. BMA needs her.

01 June, 2020

June 2020 Clinic - not back to normal...

Dear friends of BMA, 

You may be wondering what is happening with our monthly clinics... The clinics have been mandatorily closed like everything else due to the corona virus. Today, the government announced that we can open again in June  - June 13th. It will be a modified clinic to respect safe distancing. Only BMA staff and animals without their human families will be present. Each of our volunteers will be bringing animals from their towns and returning them to their homes.  This will make the logistics a bit more intensive but we are modeling responsible social interaction in this transition time.

BMA is dedicated in supporting animals and our community with love in the time of COVID-19. In the meantime, BMA volunteers continue to rescue, feed and foster where we live. Be strong everyone and spread the love of animals!