31 August, 2018

Happy Birthday sweet Scar

On  the eve of my special Mexican friend, Scarletta’s 10th birthday, I am reminiscing about the times we have shared together and the love that we have enjoyed for all these years.

I know that those of you who have been lucky enough to be “chosen” by one of these amazing canine friends, will relate to my comments and hopefully be reminded of your intertwined journeys.

There are so many joys that come with sharing your life with an orphaned dog especially those from Mexico.

There are no words to describe the unconditional love that bonds you “two” together.  Many pet owners believe that they too have experienced this kind of “love” but when you pick an animal up from the streets with only hours left in their body, save them from being run over by a vehicle after they’ve been tossed like garbage onto the road, saved them from another day of “starvation” on the streets, snatched them up from an abusive home where there is no hope or taken them home after they’ve been treated by the wonderful staff of our local clinic......that’s when you really know “unconditional love” in it’s purest form. 

Not a single day will pass when you are not “thanked” by them for literally saving them from death. 

Most of us who belong to this “elite” group have stories of heroism, often putting their own lives on the line in the face of home break-ins, perceived danger to “their” family and intruders.  Most of these appreciative animals would die for us.

They seem to have their own special “secret” voice inside.  They have their own unique way of making their needs known to you.  They have a “whisper” that is only theirs and once you embrace these special creatures, you are able to understand exactly what they want.

Every scrap of food, every crumb, every treat is savoured and enjoyed.  No matter what is served, it’s “good”.  

Every so often you catch these special friends with a smile on their face, when they run “untethered” on a walk, deeking in and around you as they savour their freedom and good health.

There isn’t an “arrogant” bone in their bodies.  When I am asked what my dog’s name is and I reply “Scarletta”.....I often see broad smiles and a comment like “That’s a fancy name for ......”.  I often finish their sentence, “a plain little street urchin?”  Then we laugh together.  When she showed up at our gate 9 1/2 years ago, she had barely a day of life left in her.  We truly believed that she would not be with us for many days, however her resilience and determination proved us wrong.  We immediately started calling her “Scar Face” which was not at all a very attractive name for a family pet.  When we realized within days that she was a ‘fighter” and was going to make it, her name quickly became “Scarletta”....but to us she is just “Scar” in deference to the “wounds & reminders” that lurk under her gorgeous black coat. 

These wonderful fur friends come in so many varied shapes and sizes.  As unique as their sweet souls.  We were often asked by passers by.....”Just what kind of dog is that?”  My late husband Sam always had the perfect comeback....”She’s a Mexican hybrid.”   Yup....they sure are !!!  They are a wonderful mixture of all that is good and strong and beautiful. 

We are the truly blessed ones who are allowed to take this amazing journey of hope and love with these special animals.  

One of the greatest joys ....”benefits”,  is getting to chose the birth day of your friend.  Scar’s is September 1st....so I would always be able to remember.

So here’s to all the special hounds who have blessed our lives, have changed our lives and inevitably made our lives so much better.

Although my days in Mexico are now behind me,  every time I look down on my two special friends, Scar & Tamale...I think of all that is good and amazing about Mexico.  Thank you to each and everyone of you who have allowed one of these blessed gifts into your homes and hearts and please continue to support the efforts of the Matanchen Bay Animals, as they care and rescue these abandoned gifts. 

Happy Birthday sweet Scar......love you to the stars and back.

Oxox.  Teresa. (Dunnigan) in Canada.

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