06 July, 2018

Summer School

Every year BMA participates in the summer school program of the Centro Cultural Bahia Matanchen. The theme for summer school this year is the vast and marvelous ocean:
Mi MARavilloso MAR. This subject is in keeping with the previous year on ecology.

Wouldn't it be wonderful for the kids to fall in love with their own front yard, how incredibly valuable and awesome the ocean is and how it connects them to the world? That's our aim!

Our curriculum will cover:
  • animals of the ocean - from the tiniest to the largest.
  • plant and coral life 
  • ocean and weather
  • ocean as the great highway - shipping and commerce
  • how the ocean connects the world

The octopus is going to be one of the stars of the week. We are going to share the story of the intelligence of the octopus and the many wonder-full things of her unique design.

Got ideas or resources we can implement? Contact Amaranth - amaranthrose@hotmail.com

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